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The Aura is a pen style herbal Vaporizer from Flowermate.

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Super Discreet Flowermate CAP Vaporizer – Black


The Flowermate CAP is mostly geared towards new users and so its operation is very simple. 5 clicks to turn it on, 3 clicks to cycle between the three temperature settings. Easy peasy. You have a basic 3-LED display to display temperature setting, and they are as follows.

Blue/low is 196°C/385°F, green is 205°C/400°F, and red is 215°C/420°F. This is okay but honestly we would’ve liked to see a wider range with more settings. 195°C is a pretty high starting point and often we like starting out at 170°C for that sweet sweet herb flavor. 215°C is plenty high though and we like that.

Cleaning the device is super simple and the included brush cleaner will easily clear the chamber and mouthpiece screen. Once in a while you’ll want to soak the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol to clear it from grime and residue. This is pretty simple and easy.


Flowermate CAP features:

  • Glazed SS Heating Chamber
  • Heat Up In 20 Seconds
  • Stealthy Size
  • Haptic Feedback
  • One Button User Interface
  • Matted Finish Aluminum Alloy Body


3 Preset Temperatures


Glazed Stainless Steel Heating Chamber

At the heart of CAP is a revolutionary and patented “Glazed Stainless Steel Conduction” heating technology that combines high efficiency with environmentally friendly. It creates a new heating process to heat up herbs perfectly and evenly every time in less than 20 seconds.


20 second Auto Heat-up

CAP has one of the fastest portable heat-up times – clocking in at under 20 seconds. We can get the solid flavor and impressive vapor quality with extremely satisfying easily from the first draw.

Three adjustable temperatures ranging from 385℉ to 420℉ produce rich consistent convection quality vapors dialed in to your specific temperature preference.


Flowermate CAP Specifications

Preset Temperatures385°F/400°F/420°F (196℃/205℃/215℃)
Session Length5 Minute Timer
Dimensions30mm x 93mm x 20mm [1.18in x 3.66in x 0.79in]
Net Weight90g
Battery Capacity(1) Internal 900mAh Lithium Battery
Charging Time1 Hour
Output voltage3.7V


Battery Indicator



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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
S. (Queensland)
Amazing once you work it out

Works amazingly- but instructions aren’t great. I ended up having to google reviews just to work out the basics of how it operates and charges

Very good for first timer

First time vap. Fantastic. Very discrete. Only complaint is the chamber is a bit small but does the job . Excellent

T. (South Australia)
Great intro

As the title says, the Flowermate CAP is a great introduction to dry herb vaping. I have been on the bong for about 30yrs and this is just fantastic. I use the first setting about mid morning and don't feel the need for a 'top up' until late in the arvo. In the evening I have been using second setting for early evening then the heavy setting for late. This really is a fantastic discreet little device and I did not expect much for under $100 to be honest. Will look to upgrade to something with the single degree adjustments to fine tune my experience but I have a feeling this little number will be in the rotation for quite a while.

L. (South Australia)
Little Ripper

Great little vape, easy to operate, heats up to operating temperature super quick, mouthpiece gets a little warm towards end of sess but no dramas. Highly recommend for such a low price.

J.H. (Queensland)

Fantastic solution to going about it. Sleek and intuitive design

Battery life is great considering the heat it pumps out - I use the hottest temp setting. Has enough capacity in the vape for approx 1.5 cones before needing to change flower - certainly enough capacity per 5 minute session - actually I think it’s very well thought out and designed in that regard.

Unit does get pretty hot though during use on the hottest setting - provides a tingle sensation on your lips - adds to the experiance I suppose -
If sharing around, be aware that a bit of spit stays on the mouthpiece - just wipe with your shirt before use if you’re a germaphobe

J.W. (Queensland)
Great vape

This is the second CAP we've bought. Got one for my partner and loved it so much I got one for myself. Charges extremely quickly, and is up to temp within 10 seconds of turning it on! Super easy to pack, super easy to clean, especially since the mouthpiece pulls apart. Tiny pieces in the mouthpiece, so that may be a negative for some, but not a problem for us. A little warm soapy water and a pipe cleaner does the job perfectly. It is quite easy to pull a little hard on it and have a bit of a cough, but you get used to how far you can push it without hitting that point. All in all, would definitely buy again.

P.S. (Victoria)
easy to use

It's not too bad.It does do the trick though. It is hard to know when it is all used up though and it actually is not so great for the lungs. I think Ill go back to baking cookies.