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The Firefly 2+ is an innovative portable vaporizer with a stunning design.

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Firefly 2+ Portable Vaporizer – Zebra Wood


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The Firefly 2+ uses the latest convection heating tech, delivering instant, tasty hits on par with some of the best vaporizers we’ve tried. Its user-replaceable batteries and pocketable form factor keep the vapor flowing everywhere you go. The on-board control scheme favors minimalism, with two touch-sensitive buttons and a single, lighted logo, while the smartphone app will satisfy tech-hungry users looking for the latest features and full temperature controls, and an upcoming update will also add instructional manuals and videos. Firefly claims they’ve increased the airflow by 33% compared to the Firefly 2, with better power management, to go along with the lower price.


The Firefly 2+ Experience

From the outside, the only indication of an improved vaporizer is the lighted logo, an upside down omega, that replaces the plain light on the Firefly 2. The Firefly 2+ uses the same smartphone app, with all the same controls and features as the Firefly 2, so it feels like the same vape, until you hit it. Although Firefly claims a 33% increase in airflow, it feels like more. It’s still far from free-flowing, but it’s a more natural pace that feels more like sipping than sucking.


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What’s in the box

  • Firefly 2+ Vaporizer
  • 1 Stainless Steel Concentrate Pad
  • 1 Rechargeable Battery
  • Charging Dock
  • USB-C 3.0 Cable
  • 3 Alcohol Wipes
  • User Guide


Who is the Firefly 2+ for?

The Firefly 2+ is built for the vapor connoisseur who prizes great flavor anywhere, anytime, whether it’s dry herbs or concentrate. It’s also a strong contender if you’re trying to conserve your herbs, since the on-demand heating wastes nothing between hits. It’s not difficult to use, but you’ll benefit from a little time spent dialing in your preferred technique. The Firefly 2+ is a vape we want to grab at the end of a long day, when we want to have a relaxing session, and feel a little special.

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Customer Reviews

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5stars for Dr DD, 2 Stars for firefly2 +

Dr DD has great prices, great service and very fast deliveries and simply based on my experience buying from this company I'd be doing a 5 star rating but unfortunately it's about the Firefly 2 +. After charging I ran 3-4 burn in cycles let it cool down and packed a bowl and half way through the draw there's thick smoke filling my mouth/lungs. Must have the temperature set wrong I think so I download the app and to my surprise it's on 400f/206c, forget using 220c on the firefly 2+ as it's straight to burning which is a major concern given combustion occurs at approximately 235c, so clearly there is clearly issues with the temperature accuracy . If i do long deep draws at temps of 206c up I have burning issues so the only way I currently use it is to do shallow slow short draws which defeats the purpose. And then we come to the battery life which is less than half of my Solo 2 I use my Arizer Solo 2 at temps from 200c up to 220 c and have never once had issues of burning all in all. The only positive i have for the Firefly 2 + is when it's not burning the product it does have a great taste. I'd gladly return the Firefly 2 + if I could.
I do NOT recommend the firefly 2+, save a $100 or so dollars and buy a Arizer Solo 2.